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There is more to tire care than you may think. We’re answering our frequently asked questions at MotorWorld Chrysler to help ensure you get the most out of your Chrysler tires.  

What is a Tire Rotation?  

Tire rotation includes alternating your tires’ position on your vehicle. There are different patterns for tire rotation, which can include rotating your tires in a rearward cross, forward cross, or x-pattern. This helps your tires wear evenly, which can maximize your tread life and help prevent flats.  

Do I Need to Replace My Tires?  

Keep an eye out for these warning signs so you can ensure your tires get replaced when they are no longer trustworthy.  

  • Frequently low tire pressure 
  • Low or no tread 
  • Odd vibrations 
  • Bubbles or cracks 

What is Tire Tread For?  

Your tire’s tread is the outer part of your tire that touches the road. There are grooves within the tread that give it room to expand which helps give you traction. The more tires are used the more your tread is worn down, making them unsafe.  

What’s the Penny Test?  

The penny test is a quick and easy test to determine if your tires have adequate tread. Simply place a penny, with the top of Lincoln’s head pointed downward, into your tire’s tread until it touches the bottom. If you can see the top of his head, the tread is too shallow.  

What Type of Tires Do I Need?  

There are several different kinds of tires. Your ideal tire depends on your vehicle, the season, and even the terrains you typically travel on. Check your owner’s manual to see which type of tires are best for you. Our trained technicians can also help ensure your vehicle is properly equipped.  

Need tire care? Visit our Chrysler dealership in Wilkes-Barre, PA today!  

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